Can I bring my phone?
Sure, you can! However phones are highly monitored. In fact, the only time you can use them is to check in with your parents. If you want to take notes during service then make sure you bring a Bible and Notebook. Parents, upon check-in you will be given 3-4 cell phone numbers (the youth director’s as well as your students room leaders) They will have their phones on them at all times in case you need anything.

What is the dress code?
It’s simple: make sure stuff is covered – no low cut shirts, your shorts need to be appropriate in length, and no belly showing. Make sure any t-shirts with graphics on them have appropriate images/words.

How much money should I bring?
Camp is completely free this year, and that includes 3 meals a day; however, we will have a snack shack as well as a Merch Store. Snacks will range anywhere from $1 candy/cokes to $3 ice cream and energy drinks. (Water is free of course, too.) The Merch Store will have tribe gear for students who want to rep their tribe as well as tshirts/hoodies. Tribe gear ranges from $1 necklaces – $5 face paint, hats, megaphones, etc… Tshirts/Hoodies range from $10-$20.

Where do we sleep?
High School boys and Junior High boys will be sleeping upstairs (in separate rooms)
High School girls and Junior High girls will be sleeping downstairs (in separate rooms)
They are completely separated by double doors in which a camera is recording and monitored 🙂

Do I have to spend the night?
No you do not. We will start each day at 10am and end around 10pm. However we do want to tell you that dorm room time is one of the best parts where you really get to know one another other and where bonding takes place. Lots of laughter, tears, worship, prayer, and eating happen in the rooms late at night. It’s special and we really would love for you to stay!

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