Called-Out Details

The cost: We’re doing it again – Called Out is TOTALLY FREE THIS YEAR!

Lodging: Lodging will be based on age and gender (unless you bring a group and prefer to stay in a hotel with your youth group) High School boys will be upstairs in their own room as well as Junior High boys will be upstairs in their own room. We’ll have High School girls downstairs in a room as well as Junior High girls downstairs in a room as well. Yes, responsible adults stay in the rooms.

Services: Services will be each morning and each evening, this includes worship as well. We’ll have a few speakers throughout the conference, but our main speaker will be Pastor Jeremy Pfeil.

Break-Out Sessions: Sessions will happen daily. These are 40 minute sessions that students get to decide which one they will go to. Examples of break-outs are: Choosing the right friends, balancing your life (between church, sports, family, etc…) music, depression, etc…
A list will be given to each student and they choose which session to attend. Since there are three mornings they will attend a new topic each day.
Tribes: Upon registration, students will be assigned to 1 of 4 tribes. These are at random in order to meet other teenagers of all ages, gender, etc…. There will be tribe competitions each day and one tribe winner at the end of conference.
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