Packing for Called-Out

Obvious stuff:
Your Bible and notebook (an actual notebook to take notes with, not your phone…)
Sleeping Bag/Pillow (you will be sleeping on the floor)
Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap/Hair dyer/Etc…
…any other toiletries you typically need for overnight stays
2 Towels
Extra money for Merchandise (t-shirts, stuff to rep your tribe, etc…)
Meals are included; however our Snack Shack will available and fully stocked if you want extra stuff like energy drinks, candy, etc…

Enough clothes for:
4 nights of service
3 days of tribe competition clothes
Modest pajamas
Running shoes

What NOT to bring:
Weapons of any kind
Tobacco/Drugs of any kind
A sour attitude

**All  medicine must be checked in upon registration**

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